Meet Our Team

MathStatBites is written by graduate students and early career researchers in mathematics and statistics at universities throughout the world (as well as industry researchers).


Moinak Bhaduri, Bentley University

Moinak Bhaduri is a tenure-line assistant professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Bentley University. He studies stochastic systems that exhibit point process-type flavors and develops algorithms to locate structural shifts in their driving intensities. He is the current editor of the NextGen column of the New England Journal of Statistics in Data Science. Moinak is a recent recipient of the research grant for early-career mathematicians awarded by the American Mathematical Society and the Simons Foundation.

Fun fact: Moinak regards himself as a great cook. Others, sadly, do not!

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Alyssa Columbus, John Hopkins University

Alyssa is a PhD student in Biostatistics and Vivien Thomas Scholar at Johns Hopkins University. Her writing has been published and featured by leading organizations, including Forbes, Microsoft, O’Reilly Media, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), and Statista.

David Han, UT San Antonio

David Han is an associate professor of Statistics and Data Science. His research interests include the statistical inference for accelerated life & degradation tests in reliability engineering and survival analysis, analyses of censored data, design of experiments, statistical process control, and maintenance/inspection scheduling. He has taught physical and statistical/mathematical sciences over 23 years with teaching specialties including data science and analytics, probability and mathematical statistics, applied statistics, business statistics, engineering statistics, biostatistics and survival analysis.

Nianqiao (Phyllis) Ju, Purdue University

Nianqiao (Phyllis) Ju is an assistant professor of statistics at Purdue University. Her research focuses on Bayesian inference and computational methods. In her free time, she enjoys running, skiing, and hiking. Check out her personal website ( and blog (

Trevor Karn, University of Minnesota

Trevor Karn is a mathematics PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota where he studies combinatorics with Victor Reiner. Outside of math, he is an avid runner and fan of the Harry Potter books and movies.

Leonard Bryan L. Kho

Actuary or statistician? A little bit of both.

Brian King, Rice University

Brian King is currently a Senior ML Research Engineer at Arm, working on applying machine learning to hardware verification. He recently completed his PhD in Statistics at Rice University, where his research focused on Bayesian modeling and forecasting for time series of counts.

Jessica Liu, CUNY Graduate Center

Jessica Liu is a PhD student at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City, specializing in dynamical systems and ergodic theory. In her free time she posts pictures of her cat on instagram at @the_bettigram.

Erin McGee, Stevens Institute of Technology

Erin McGee is a junior at Stevens Institute of Technology majoring in math and physics. She is passionate about communicating math, as she works as the Science Editor for Stevens’ campus newspaper, and about space technology, as she is also an intern at NASA researching quantum communication. Outside of school, she loves running and traveling.

Andrew Adrian Pua, Xiamen University

Andrew Pua is an assistant professor of quantitative economics at Xiamen University in China. He has broad research and teaching interests in econometrics and statistics and has extensive experience integrating international students into the local academic community.

Simone Ramello, University of Münster

Simone (he/him) is an Italian PhD student in mathematics at the University of Münster and science communication enthusiast. Outside of mathematics, he spends too much time knitting, watching musicals or on Twitter (@ramellus).

Andrew Saydjari, Harvard University

Andrew is a graduate student in physics at Harvard researching the spatial and chemical variations of dust in the interstellar medium. He favors using interpretable statistics and large photometric and spectroscopic surveys.

Mackenzie Simper, Broad Institute

Mackenzie completed her Ph.D in mathematics at Stanford, specializing in probability. She is currently a postdoc at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA and enjoys improving her science communication skills.

Clare T., University of Oxford

Clare T. is an engineering DPhil student, researching applied machine learning methods in the field of medical imaging. She is generally interested in applied machine learning, data visualisation and science communication.

Annie Xie, University of Chicago

Annie is a PhD student in Statistics at the University of Chicago. Currently, she is interested in statistical genetics research. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, painting, and exploring Chicago.

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Anya Chabria, Duke University

Anya Chabria is a member of Duke University’s Class of 2025.  She is pursuing a Double-Major in Statistical Science and Economics with a minor in Political Science.

Marion Duval, Bucknell University

Marion Duval is a sophomore undergraduate student at Bucknell University from Middleton, MA. She is majoring in Cell Biology/Biochemistry and minoring in Computer Science. Marion is working on research in the biology department and plans to continue my research throughout my time at Bucknell. She is interested in attending graduate or medical school.

Ahmed Elhefnawy, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

Ahmed Elhefnawy is an undergraduate Business Economics student at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. He works as a Research Assistant at the Competitiveness Research Network (CompNet) at Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH). Ahmed is writing my thesis about the taxation on carbon dioxide emissions in the transportation sector at the chair of Econometrics.

Camille Kennedy, Northwestern University

Camille Kennedy is a sophomore at Northwestern University where she is majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Data Science and Environmental Policy & Culture. She has participated in an REU at GVSU on a graph theory project.

Connor Kozick, Bucknell University

Connor Kozick is a first year Biomedical Engineering major at Bucknell.

Jeremy Nuzzolo, Bucknell University

Jeremy Nuzzolo is a Freshman Computer Science and Engineering Major at Bucknell.

Caleb Schmidt, Bucknell University

Caleb Schmidt is originally from Ridgefield, Connecticut and is currently a first year undergraduate studying Economics at Bucknell.

Dhanusshya Raghu, Ethiraj College for Women

Dhanusshya Raghu is a Math Undergrad student at Ethiraj College for Women, India. She is more interested in exploring every dimension of Mathematics and completeness of the Space. 

Anthony Rotelle, Bucknell University

Anthony Rotelle is a freshman at Bucknell University planning on majoring in economics with a possible minor in real estate.

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