Welcome to MathStatBites!

Welcome to MathStatBites!

Hello everyone and welcome to MathStatBites!

We’re a blog site dedicated to sharing current research from the fields of mathematics and statistics. Our mission includes 2 main goals:

  1. To disseminate jargon-free summaries of current research for an audience of interested undergraduates and non-scientists. Each bite tackles a single academic paper with the goal of helping a general audience understand the latest and greatest discoveries in the fields of statistics and mathematics.
  2. To provide graduate students and early researchers with a means for developing their writing and communication skills. Our contributors collaborate with either fellow writers or undergraduate editors to improve their written pieces and receive meaningful feedback.

Since we’re a new blogging site, we anticipate posting a new bite every other week. As we add more writers, we may change the posting schedule to weekly updates. But for now, check back bi-weekly to learn the latest and greatest bite-sized explanations of mathematics and statistics.

We hope you enjoy reading our math and stat bites! If you’re interested in learning more about our host institution, the Institute for Mathematical and Statistical Innovation (IMSI), then you can visit our website here.

If you’re interested in contributing as a writer or editor, you can send us an email here.

Sadie Witkowski & Sara Stoudt